IDC white paper: Mastering the storms of disruption in the manufacturing industry

From IDC, commissioned by Citrix, this report details the challenges facing manufacturers today and how best to navigate the storms of disruption using digital-first strategies.

Manufacturers are experiencing a multitude of disruptions – from pandemics and geopolitical unrest, to skyrocketing energy costs, inflationary pressures, cybersecurity threats and more; all whilst having to adapt their operations in response to digitization trends and sustainability regulations.  

If ever there was a time for the manufacturing industry to future proof itself and its supply chains, that time is now. Recent global events have created unprecedented change, forcing companies to look for ways to embed security, resilience, and agility into their operations – and often, the answer lies in IT. 

What you can expect to learn:

  • Key enablers to execute on strategic business priorities 
  • Main challenges when investing in digital transformation
  • 3 pillars on which to build a digital-first strategy

Watch Sasa Petrovic, Digital Strategy Director at Citrix, present his vision for managing the storms of disruption at the IDC Manufacturing Summit 2022.