Comprehensive Citrix features that drive workload flexibility

As part of our Destination: Hybrid roadmap at Citrix, we're designing feature releases & improvements to our connectivity features to improve flexibility & choice for both our cloud customers & on-prem customers —including the choice to use service providers best fits your needs.

4 New Features for Operational and IT Efficiency in Any Environment

With Destination: Hybrid, Citrix makes managing hybrid deployments simple and efficient. Many of our latest feature developments are aimed at increasing operational efficiency across hybrid, cloud and on-premises deployments, part of our initiative to meet you where you are, on-prem, in the cloud or a combination of both.

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What’s New with Citrix — CVAD 2305 and Cloud Updates

We're excited to share that Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 2305 is now live! Read on for this and a comprehensive list of the latest Citrix and Citrix Cloud updates.

Strengthen your observability with Citrix Analytics data exports

One of the top trends in end-user computing (EUC) and IT operations for the Citrix teams is digital employee experience…

Improve Environment Stability and Performance with WEM Agent Caching

Discover the benefits and recommendations for Workspace Environment Management (WEM) agent caching. Improve performance, reduce logon time, and ensure stability in your production environment.

Bringing the Win32 version of Citrix Workspace App to the Microsoft App Store

The Win 32 version of the Citrix Workspace App is now available in the Microsoft App Store! Benefits of the Win32 version of Citrix Workspace App includ easing the load on IT admins through seamless one-click installation & deployment.

Citrix in Google Cloud is now more powerful with 3000 VDAs support

With the rise of remote work, organizations are increasingly turning to cloud solutions, and Citrix DaaS has emerged as a…

PVS Catalogs Made Easy with Citrix DaaS Provisioning

With the new Creating Citrix Provisioning catalogs in DaaS feature, customers can create Citrix Provisioning (PVS) machine catalogs on Azure directly in DaaS Studio with just a few clicks.

Enhancing Administrative Experience with Recent Linux VDA Releases

The appeal of Linux virtual desktops has reached new heights, becoming the go-to choice for a variety of tasks such…

Machine Creation Services now supports the Azure Monitor Agent!

Many Citrix customers with non-persistent Machine Creation Services (MCS) deployments that use Azure have told us they want to be…

Maximizing User Experience with Advanced Video Codec Support in Citrix HDX

Graphics performance and bandwidth optimizations are always a key area for us. Over the past few years, we’ve introduced a…

Citrix Endpoint Management: MAM SDK 23.4.0 for iOS is now available

Today we are excited to announce that MAM SDK 23.4.0 for iOS (Objective C / Swift) is now generally available…

The time is now to prioritize connected ecosystems in the manufacturing industry

Recent unprecedented change is forcing companies to look for ways to embed security, resilience, and agility into their operations. The time is now for the manufacturing industry to futureproof themselves and their supply chains – and more often than not, the answer lies in IT.

Unleashing a Range of Secure and Seamless Authentication Options on Citrix Workspace App

Cirix aims to balance security and productivity providing a range of secure and seamless authentication options for all kinds of environments. Read on for an overview of different authentication options Citrix provides customers to have seamless, secure and quick login access in to Citrix Workspace App across on-premises and cloud environment.

Citrix Features Explained: How to run non-domain joined desktops with Citrix DaaS

In today’s dynamic work environment, organizations face the challenge of securely providing access to desktop resources for use cases other…

Meet the biggest threat to your security, and how to protect your employees

54 percent of companies consider employee mistakes the biggest threat to their sensitive data. Learn how to address the human factor of security head on.

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